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  1. admin

    Prayer The Wages of Sin is Death

    THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH Bible Text: Romans 6:23: "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Sinful nature to some is free and they get trapped by it. A life of obedience and conformity to God's command helps avoid been trapped in...
  2. admin

    Prayer It's all by your grace oh God

    Dear God who art in Heaven, thank you for the gifts and grace shone upon all Your children. Grant the faithful, if they truly hear You call, the ability to be humble in all they do. For I know myself that all that I have and have achieved, have been through your divine hand and grace; and all I...
  3. admin

    Prayer RCCG: May 2024 HGS Prayer Points

    May 2024 HGS Prayer Points 1. Thank God for keeping you alive till today 2. Father, let your fire fall on me and destroy every yoke in my life 3. Father, let your fire go inside of me and consume whatever that is not of you. 4. Father, let the fire of fire be flowing out of my belly so...
  4. Stalwart23

    Prayer Prayer for fulfilment of purpose

    I pray for you today that the power that rolled away the stone from the door of the sepulcher of Jesus will roll away all hindrances on the path of your fulfillment. Any power that wants to stop your testimony will be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus Christ. Anyone who has betrayed you...
  5. E

    Prayer What is the impact of Hebrews 12:25

    HEBREWS 12:25 The blood that speaks better things than that of Abel, the blood of Jesus. From now going the blood will be a defense against any circles of darkness in our life's in Jesus mighty name Amen. Let the blood plot away snares, set up by evil men and women to kill and sabotage us in...
  6. admin

    ?Ask What is the parable of weeding feast teaching us as christians?

    MESSAGE FOR KINGDOM ALIGNMENT PARABLE OF THE WEDDING FEAST (THE JOURNEY IN THE PARABLE) 21. Murders : These are the People who slander, blasphemy, persecute and kill the body of Jesus Christ with their Attitudes and Activities in a rebellion heart and mind ( Rev 9:21 ) 22. Burn their City ...
  7. Stalwart23

    Prayer What are the benefits of joining in prayer?

    , There is a war going on in the world. When we call for prayers, make sure to join us. Our world is not for the devil. God knows how to deliver those who are praying. Don't think we will all be in one boat. The Bible says in Colossians 4:2, “Continue in prayer, and watch in the same...
  8. admin

    Spirituality How to overcome through Jesus Christ

    Remember, God didn’t breathe His life into us to drag through the day. He didn’t create us in His image, crown us with His favor, and equip us with His power to just go through the motions of life. You may have had some setbacks, the wind may have been taken out of your sail, but this is a new...
  9. admin

    Prayer Special Prayer for you reading this

    Dear God... Touch the people around me, Keep them joyful and safe. Give them love. compassion and care... Bless them all with good health, peace in mind and kindness in their hearts... Especially the one. reading this message:
  10. Stalwart23

    Prayer No harm will ever come to you

    You will not match poison, in Jesus name You will not eat poison, in Jesus's name Anyone assigned from the pit of hell to poison you mistakenly poisons themselves, in Jesus name You are covered by the blood of Jesus forever, in Jesus's name The blood of Jesus will speak better things for you...
  11. admin

    Prayer You are a blessed generation

    It doesn't matter what science may say, the testimony that will be too difficult to believe God will give it to you this season, in Jesus name God bless you...
  12. BSF

    You shall fulfil your purpose in life

    God's purpose for your life cannot be frustrated, in Jesus name The devil cannot frustrate God's plan for your life. Whatever the plans of the enemy, God's purpose for your life will come to pass, in Jesus name You're blessed and be happy always beloved. Always pray and make a lot of people...