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  1. admin

    Off-Topic What new on WhatsApp? groups will be able to create events on WhatsApp

    If you're in a WhatsApp Community, you can now create events in your groups and reply to admin announcements. Over the next few months more groups will be able to create events.
  2. admin

    Spirituality Men who turn their body to a temple of Fornication

    My generation wake up Apostle Ayodele Babalola left this world and was known as a man of prayer. Archbishop Benson Idahosa left this world and was know as a man of radical Faith. Smith Wigglesworth left this world and he kept a record of healing that no one could question. Kathryn Khulman left...
  3. AdServersite

    ?Ask What are the unexpected behaviors of introverts?

    To keep the message from being seen, read WhatsApp messages from the notification without starting a chat. Occasionally, they would put in their earbuds without any music playing in order to avoid having a conversation. sincerely hoping that the person seated next to you won't start conversing...