Marriage Can a girl of 25 years marry a man of 48

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Aug 19, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
Ages is just a number, what matter in marriage is not age.

What you need is peace of mind in marriage.

I have seen 23year girl marry a man 45 and they living peacefully.

But sometimes we should also choose our spouse wisely.

Husband isn't hard to find, just pretend you don't like money. you'll see that somebody son will marry you immediately.
I've witnessed couples with significant age differences living happily together. However, it's essential to choose a spouse wisely, considering values, goals, and compatibility.

Seeking a partner who values peace of mind over material possessions can lead to a fulfilling marriage. While finding a husband may not be difficult, prioritizing qualities like integrity and kindness can attract a suitable partner who values you for who you are.
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