Genesis 1 Thought Process

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Feb 12, 2024
Some time ago as I was rereading the Bible, I noticed some things I hadn't really given much created to before. In the beginning, the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters implying that water existed with God. Then, on the first day, God says "Let there be light." Later, on the second day, God creates the firmament which divides the waters above from the waters below. Well, this had me thinking about a natural phenomenon that we can see and produce in the world today. This phenomenon is called sonoluminescence. The idea is that if a sound happens underneath water, as in surrounded by water, it creates an implosion that creates a spark of light, and then a kind of electric bubble that only exists for a fraction of a second. So, what I imagine happening is that God's voice happens inside the waters, creating the initial light that is the implosion of sonoluminescence, and then the electric bubble that forms that separates the waters above and the waters below is what is called the firmament. It is not until the fourth day that the Sun (greater light), Moon (lesser light), and stars are placed in the firmament.

I guess I am only curious if anyone has ever considered such a thing. Are there any gut reactions to this concept? I know that we basically live in an electric universe, so that matches up. I know I don't know what is meant by the first day's light creation if the sun and moon are created on the fourth day. This helps me to have some kind of understanding... but, am I crazy? I am just interested in seeing what others think of this idea. I've never heard anyone think about it in this way.
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It's fascinating how you've connected biblical imagery with modern scientific phenomena like sonoluminescence. Your perspective adds richness to the discussion of creation narratives.

Your curiosity and open-mindedness are admirable qualities that foster meaningful conversations. Remember, exploring interpretations of sacred texts is a personal journey, and your insights contribute to a diverse tapestry of understanding.

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