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How Do Candlesticks Work?

A form of charting method used to explain the price changes of an asset is candlesticks. They were initially created in Japan in the 18th century and have been used to look for patterns that may show historical asset price trends. Today, cryptocurrency traders examine historical price data and forecast future price changes using candlestick charts.

Individual candlesticks combine to form candlestick patterns that can predict whether prices will increase, decrease, or stay the same. This offers perception into the state of the market and possible trading chances.

A Candlestick Chart: What Is It?
Consider watching the price of an asset over a period of time, like a week, a day, or an hour, such as a stock or a cryptocurrency. This pricing information can be represented graphically using a candlestick chart.

Two lines—often referred to as the wicks or shadows—are attached to the candlestick's body. The wicks or shadows of the candlestick indicate the highest and lowest prices that were achieved during that time period, while the body of the candlestick symbolizes the range between the opening and closing prices within that time.

The price has risen during this time period, as indicated by a green body. A bearish candlestick, on the other hand, has a red body, indicating that the price dropped during that time.

How to Read Crypto Candlestick Patterns​

By placing several candles in a precise order, candlestick patterns are created. There are many different candlestick patterns, and each has a specific connotation. While certain candlestick patterns reveal the relative strength of buyers and sellers, others could signify a turnaround, a continuation, or indecision.

Remember that candlestick patterns aren't necessarily buy-or-sell indications. Rather, they are a technique to examine current market trends in order to perhaps spot impending opportunities. As a result, examining patterns in their context is usually beneficial.

This can be the overall market environment or a specific technical pattern on the chart, such as one based on the Wyckoff Method, the Elliott Wave Theory, or the Dow Theory. Additionally, technical analysis (TA) indicators as Trend Lines, the Relative Strength Index (RSI), the Stochastic RSI, Ichimoku Clouds, or the Parabolic SAR.

Additionally, for support and resistance levels, candlestick patterns can be utilized. Whereas resistance levels are price levels where supply is anticipated to be strong, support levels are price levels where demand is anticipated to be strong.

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