Relationship How will I be able to marry alright?

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Aug 19, 2023
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Delilah pretended to love Samson while she was on a mission to destroy him. May God expose every pretender in your life.

You have no business being good in bed as an unmarried person. There’s forever in marriage to learn and get better.

May you marry that person you are dating now.

Do your best to marry the person you can cleave to, otherwise, marriage to the wrong person, is an endurance trek.

No matter how much you hate your brothers wife or sisters husband... Don't be the reason why love birds hate each other.

What God has joined together, let no man or woman put asunder.


Sibling rivalry or even just plain dislike for your sibling's spouse is not uncommon. However, it is important to remember that just because you don't get along with someone, doesn't mean that your sibling should cut ties with their spouse. Marriage is a sacred bond between two people, and it is crucial to support the union rather than initiate any harm towards it.

The statement, "Don't be the reason why love birds hate each other," is a gentle reminder that your sibling's relationship with their spouse is important to them, and any negativity towards their spouse can make things difficult for everyone in the family. Your sibling may find themselves constantly stuck in the middle of any tension or arguments between you and their spouse, which is not fair to them or their significant other.

Additionally, the biblical quote, "What God has joined together, let no man or woman put asunder," emphasizes the divine nature of marriage, and highlights the importance of respecting and supporting the institution. Even if you have differences with your sibling's partner, it is essential to maintain a united front and respect the sanctity of marriage.

Ultimately, it is essential to maintain healthy and positive relationships within your family, including relationships with your siblings and their spouses. Though disagreements can arise, it is critical to keep in mind the bigger picture and ensure that relationships are not damaged irreparably. Remember to communicate your feelings calmly, respect boundaries, and wish your sibling and their spouse all the best in their journey together.

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