Computers In Recife, Brazil, a 10-year-old child went into a computer store and asked one of the employees this question

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Nov 24, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
He asked to use the tablet that was available for consumers to use, asking the clerks for permission.

The child was given the tablet by the clerk, who gave him a positive response and let him start working right away.

The employees watching him closely in the store saw that he had taken some paper and a pen to write down something he was reading on the tablet.

They walked up to him then and inquired as to what he was doing.

The child answered that the teacher had left a geography research paper and that she was using it to complete and study her homework because her family couldn't afford any IT gear at home.

While most boys would have seized the chance to play, he used it to further his studies.

Captured by an interior security camera, the scene quickly gained popularity on social media.

After determining the boy's identity, the establishment's owner made the decision to give him the resources he needed to use the internet for education.

It's not fair where we live. There are people who live in extreme poverty and people who are endowed with unending privileges. This is unrelated to talent, effort, or quality. It's simply the wealth disparity. Thank heavens, there are occasional nice deeds committed by people, even in tiny ways.

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