Crime/Prison In the military, what item of gear do you cherish the most?

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Nov 24, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
This thread has multiple responses stating that the most valuable item is a poncho liner. For soldiers serving in peacetime, this might be true, but not for combatants.The three most valuable pieces of equipment are as follows:
Your weapon and ammunition. This ought to be obvious. No fighting, no gun and ammunition. The soldier's spouse is the rifle; it requires all of your love and care.
Plate carrier vest and helmet constitute body armor. Although it wasn't always the case, you are now not even allowed to enter a combat zone without the appropriate protection gear, as shown in the recent battle in Ukraine. This applies not only to military but also to journalists and relief workers.

A soldier received a level 4 armor plate from us, which ultimately saved his life.

Shoes. It is often overlooked how important appropriate footwear is. But if your boots aren't keeping your feet warm and dry, you're in serious trouble. Recently, I mailed a German volunteer in Ukraine a pair of combat boots in size 48. This was too big for the army, and they wouldn't let him go to the front lines without the right footwear.
Every soldier takes great care of these three items since they are really necessary. You're in big trouble if you lose even one of them.

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