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Aug 19, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
Official Announcement from Avive World

1. March Airdrop Details: Regardless of your previous choice to receive the airdrop via #OKX UID or directly to your wallet, the Avive team will airdrop the tokens to your wallet directly for March, with all gas fees covered by the team.

2. Wallet Address Update Enabled: Starting now, you have five days to update your wallet address in the system. Please be aware that after this timeframe, we will not accept any further changes to wallet addresses. The March airdrop will start right after the update period ends.

Update here: bit.ly/3PIIwb3

3. Close of Airdrop in the Avive App: we're winding down the token airdrop feature within the #AviveApp. To maintain your token balance, users are still required to check-in in the app every three days. Failing to do so will result in a penalty, leading to a 0.1% reduction of your token balance for every missed check-in cycle.

4. Future Airdrop Arrangements: Commencing in April 2024, users who meet the eligibility requirements will retain the option to execute monthly token withdrawals to their submitted wallet addresses. It is important to note that unclaimed tokens will cease to be reassigned to the treasury. Rather, they will undergo a process of accumulation. After six months of accumulation, the Avive team distributes your accumulated tokens to your assigned wallet address, with the #Avive team covering all gas fees.

We appreciate your attention to these updates and your ongoing participation in the Avive World ecosystem.

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