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Oct 10, 2023
Lagos Nigeria
Just like yesterday when OEX Airdrop started, it's about to be released.
HOW MANY WERE YOU ABLE TO GET HOLD OF?_ In exactly 1 month time (March 20th, 2024), OEX would be released.

If you have been consistently claiming, congratulations. If you haven't been claiming, congratulations. If you have been unserious with the project, congratulations. If you don't even know about OEX and you've been in the group all along, congratulations too.

The airdroping of OEX will end in less than 2 months (April 13th, 2024) by 9:00am. Then, if you don't have enough, you may decide to buy some more just like those who will miss it.

Let's begin to pay close attention to messages or information from the TEAM OEX on the modalities of how things would be done at mainnet (about 30 days away). See You All At The .

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