Inspiration Should I keep my plans secret always?

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Aug 19, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
If people know your income, it affects the love they have for you, making it fake. So, keep it to yourself. If they know your marriage details, they can cause marital problems. So keep it private.

If they know your next move, they can thwart it. So keep it a secret. When people know your ideas, including your friends, they can steal it and capitalise on it before you, especially if they have capital and you don’t. If Jacob can steal his brother, Esau’s, birthright, your friends can steal your ideas. So keep them under wraps. You do not need to blab about your plans to others if you want your plans to materialise. While a fetus is in its mother’s womb, it can still be aborted or miscarried. That is why mothers wait for their babies to be born before they give them names. Do the same thing with your plans.

Stop having the naming ceremony before the plan is birthed. Be like Zechariah. Angel Gabriel told Zechariah the name of his son, then sealed Zechariah’s mouth until John the Baptist was born. It is not everything God has told you, or every idea or inspiration you get that you blab about. Seal your mouth until it has come to pass or it may not come to pass. Or worse, those you tell may sell you into bondage, like Joseph’s brothers.When you follow these rules, some will admire you.

Others will say you are proud. But a bee should not be upset if a fly hates it. Flies go from rubbish to rubbish and get dirty. But bees go from flower to flower and get honey!

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