Politics The Will Of God and Man

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Aug 19, 2023
Abuja Nigeria

God is the uncreated creator; He is completely independent of everyone and everything (Gen. 1:1).
Nothing outside of God is required for His survival because God is God in and of Himself, by Himself, and for Himself.

God is everywhere, unlike a man who can only look in one way.

God has a variety of ways to accomplish His tasks; He is not required to carry them out in a specific way.

God doesn't need any man; if He chooses to use one, it is only because He has chosen to.

Even if you reject God's existence, it has no bearing on Him because you do not create Him. God existed prior to the creation of you. God is who He is.

Your walk with God won't be balanced if your understanding of Him is flawed.
God doesn't change, He doesn't become better, and He didn't change in anybody else's sight. God is today what He has been from the beginning of time.
The phrase "I am that I am" describes what God is and always will be. in Exodus 3:14. The unchanging God; He is the only one who never changes.
Nothing escapes His awareness: God's ability to see numbers and other things is unavoidable.
Nothing is difficult for God because He doesn't require anything to start something or to do anything.
God has always been exactly who He is—neither more nor less.

God never gets tired and never ages.
Nobody is able to bargain with God. Brethren, if we sincerely prayed for God's Will to be carried out in the elections, then no one can hold God ransom. Then we must allow God to carry out His will in a manner that is wholly apart from our own.
He is aware of the outcome from the start.
May His WILL be carried out in Nigeria, I pray!

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