Programming To become a Professional developer, what else should I learn? I am familiar with JS, CSS, HTML, React, and Node.js

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Nov 24, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
You seem to already have a solid background in front-end programming using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, along with some familiarity with well-known front-end frameworks like React.js. Furthermore, you are able to work with back-end technologies because of your proficiency with Node.js. To become a full-stack developer, you might want to further your education in the following areas:

1. Databases: You must have a firm grasp of databases in order to store and manage data for your full-stack web apps. A NoSQL database like MongoDB or Cassandra, or a well-known relational database like MySQL or PostgreSQL, could be your first choice.

2. Server-side frameworks: Depending on your preferred programming language, there are a variety of server-side frameworks available. For Node.js, some popular choices are Express.js; for Python, Django; and for Ruby, Ruby on Rails.

3. DevOps: You should comprehend DevOps ideas, such infrastructure management, containerization, and continuous integration and deployment, as a full-stack developer. Automating these procedures can be facilitated by tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins.

4. Authentication and Authorization: To make sure that only authorized users may access particular areas of the application, it's critical to understand how to handle user authentication and authorization in your full-stack apps. One possible place to start would be by studying protocols for permission and authentication such as OpenID Connect and OAuth.

5. Cloud computing: Lastly, working with cloud-based services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is becoming more and more typical for full-stack engineers. Being accustomed to these platforms can be a useful skill in the employment market.

Never forget that the most crucial thing is to continue picking up new knowledge and honing your abilities as you complete assignments and acquire practical experience. Wishing you luck!

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