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Bible School related thread


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Aug 19, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
You don't have a NAME until God gives you a NAME

Jacob was given a Name after a long WRESTLE with God all-night

Dear Christian,

Your body is God's temple,
not your property.

Personal preference is not
the priority for how
Christians dress.

Fashion has no right to
determine what believers wear.

Only Kingdom does.

Instead of invading every
program in town crying
"Lord, use me!"

Join a department in
your church and be useful!

Fundamental Doctrines of the Faith

1. God

2. Man

3. Sin

4. The Son

5. Grace

6. Faith

7. New Birth

8. The Holy Spirit

9. The Word

10. Prayer

11. Character

12. Holiness

13. Church

14. Gifts

15. Heaven

Feel free to add more.

Half of your problems, challenges,
bad habits, addictions, and
distractions will disappear if
you keep a daily appointment
with God by simply reading your
Bible and praying;

And the ones which seem to remain, will become, insignificant.

A child was punished in class
for giving the wrong answer.

It was a CRK class.

When he got home, he told
his parents what happened.

They visited the school the next
day and confronted the teacher.

The teacher told them what happened...

I asked your son who pushed
down the walls of Jericho, and he
said he was not the one who did it!"

The parents looked at each other
and stared at the teacher, and said

"We don't understand the problem. As he said, he wasn't the one. We've never even taken him to Jericho!"

They were Christians.

Folks, this is a joke i heard
many years ago.

It reminds us where the problem is

- where the responsibility is.

If we don't bring our children up today,
they will let us down tomorrow.

Whether it is about matters of education, or life, or faith -

You don't have to know everything,
but being a parent makes you a
layer of foundations -

spiritual, emotional, intellectual,
financial, social etc.

You are a teacher, mentor, pastor, friend, disciplinarian etc

Yes. Both charity and yeyerity,
begin at home.

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