Hosting What are the primary distinctions between XEN VPS and KVM VPS?

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I was curious about the differences between KVM and XEN. and which kind of hosting is best for an online store.
KVM: What is it?
The Linux kernel module known as KVM, or Kernel-based Virtual Machine, provides a framework for virtualization platform utilities such as QEMU. In many respects, it is the same as Xen, allowing you to run any operating system and designed for low-level kernel settings.
With an ISO file, you can also install the operating system independently. However, only a few suppliers offer these services. Only hardware that supports VT (Hardware Assisted Virtualization) technology can run it.

XEN: What is it?
Hypervisors typically come in two flavors: type 1 operates directly on the host computer, while type 2 runs on top of an already-installed operating system. Under Type 1 Hypervisor, Xen is included.
As a result, Xen is capable of running any operating system, including Windows and several Linux flavors. This virtualization allows for new module additions, kernel upgrades, and operating system virtualization because it runs on a fully virtualized operating system.
Since a lot of hardware features need to match the operating system, this configuration requires a lot more overhead than Type 2 virtualization. Later on, Xen added paravirtualization to reduce overhead. Several enhancements were made while maintaining the same processes.

I hope that my explanation will make the differences between XEN and KVM clearer to you.

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