Investing Money What can I legally do to remain rich?

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Oct 10, 2023
Lagos Nigeria
If you want to be poor in this life, set up a simple savings account and start saving money without plans.

10years later, after charges have been deducted with the fluctuation rates in Nigeria, the value of your money would’ve dropped significantly.

500k in 2024, is lesser in value than 500k in 2023.

The money I dropped in my zenith bank December 2023, has rapidly declined in value because products and services have doubled in price.

While the money I dropped in my OPAY (OWealth) in November has increased with N 84,348,56.

If you do not invest in a business or place it on deposit that will accrue interest rate over the course of an of time,

You are helping your bank become richer. ❌

Banking and saving with OPAY is far more efficient and less costly than banking with First bank, Zenith bank, Access bank, etc

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