Marriage Maters What is so special about sex? Learn why sex is important in marriage

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Aug 19, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
I remember a story

The Wife called her husband useless, the Man was very angry, "how dare you talk to me like that, and threatened to throw her out of the house

In the night, the Man began to touch the wife, making advances for sex.

The Woman then asked "who is that useless person touching me"

The Man replied in a hushed and sober tone "it is me"

Time for sex has reach

The Man is accepting that he is useless.. No time to argue.

He wants something now.

*Sex is a NEED

When the married Man is not getting it, he becomes consciously and unconsciously dissatisfied and bitter.

When the Married Woman is not getting it, she becomes sad, irritable, unhappy and pained.

God designed it as a NEED

Your body will push you to need it. (what we call being horny)..

God help you if you're married, and your Partner isn't interested in sex, wahala pro max be dat.

I believe we're together so far.


1) Men see sex as a physical event

A Man can sleep with a Woman without loving her.

A Woman sees sex as an emotional event.

She won't want sex if she's not happy with the Man.

2) Men see Sex as Love

Women want Love before Sex. (they dont see sex as love)

A Man feels loves when his wife gives him sex.

One of the worst things a married Woman can do to her husband is reject his sexual advances.


The Man will feel rejected, unwanted and unloved.

But a Woman doesn't see it that way,

To her, love me first, treat me well first, then sex follows.

3) Sex if food to the Man

But not so for the Woman

A Married Woman can go longer without sex and function perfectly well than a Married Man. (though there are exceptions).

A Man is highly sexual charged

Right from the womb, a male baby starts getting erections.

As a Married Woman

Don't ask your husband "is it food?"

To him, the way God designed him, it is food.

Only Men eat the food and the Cook that prepared the food.

4) Men are quick to start and stop

Women are slow to start and stop.

A Man is like a bulb

Instantly, it comes on

Instantly, it goes off.

A Woman is like a Fan

It takes time to come on fully

And takes time to go off completely.

This is one of the greatest challenges married people have

Because the Man and Woman are extreme opposites when it comes to getting fully ready for sex and getting sexually satisfied.

Before you say Jack

A Man is ready for sex.

Not so for a Woman.. Not so.

It takes a Man seconds to get ready for sex, meanwhile it takes a Woman minutes.

Some Men even get ready and get satisfied in SECONDS.

That is, before the Woman even gets ready, the Man is through.... Wahala pro max things.

This Is a major difference between Men and Women.

Any Man who doesn't allow this knowledge to guide him will never satisfy his Wife.

* For both the Woman and the Man

Good sex requires good Health.

If the Man has certain conditions


High blood Pressure



He won't be able to perform well sexually, leaving his wife sexually starved, sexually frustrated and unhappy.

Using drugs



Eating too much Sugar/sweet things

Consuming too much salt in your diet

The above habits predispose a Man to

1) Premature Ejaculation (2 seconds, you've come and gone)..

Before the Woman is saying her opening prayer, the Man is sharing grace.

2) Low sperm count.

3) Erectile Dysfunction. (fallen soldiers that can't do their military work).

Many married Women are suffering

Sexually starved.

Many fall prey and enter adultery.

Either the QUALITY is not there.. Or the QUANTITY is not enough.

QUALITY means good sex. There is sex and there is good sex..

It is good sex that satisfies, not just sex. Bad sex actually exits.
QUANTITY means even though the sex is good, it happens once in a blue moon. Like once in 2 months.

Good Health increase the chances of Good Sex.

As a Man especially, Watch what you eat and drink..

Before you become 2 seconds Man and

Many married Women are sexually frustrated

Some Married Women have been married for years, with children, but have never once experienced orgasm in their marriage.

Many Married Men are sexually starved.

A sexually starved married Man or Woman is very susceptible to sexual temptation and falling into adultery.

It's easy for a sexually starved Man to Woman to fall into the hands of side chic and side guys than a sexually satisfied one.

A sexually starved Man or Woman will even begin to have anger issues, and pepper body syndrome.

I'll stop here.

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