Movies What transpired in the Congolese rainforest with actress Ashley Judd?

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Nov 24, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
Before the sun rose, she was conducting study on bonobos while hiking in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Her ankle got trapped in some roots and she slipped, breaking her tibia and leg multiple times. She was not wearing enough light to guide her. She was taken out in a hammock, and the entire rescue operation took 55 hours. Her right leg was almost severed since it had no pulse.

It serves as a great illustration of the need of always having appropriate communication gear when camping. Even without a cell phone signal, this is not an acceptable reason. You can carry satellite phones around with you. This also applies to going somewhere by boat alone.

If you don't, you'll suddenly realize how large this globe is and how alone you are. Keep yourself safe.

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