?Ask What would happen if the United States banned Christianity?

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Nov 24, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
I believe that thoughtful Christians would be quite happy, and Christianity would ultimately gain a great deal.

Christianity would reclaim some of the rebellious underground panache it has lost over the last 1700 years, and Christians would get to be persecuted for following Jesus—a typical Christian activity that has recently received less attention. Who knows, perhaps the young people would even show an interest. People would use their toes to draw arcs in the ground, then turn to their friends for help finishing the fish with another sly arc or a knowing glance. It would resemble bygone eras.

Since meetings would be held in secret, millions of Christians would suddenly become very interested in privacy and encryption, which would have positive side effects on the widespread adoption of that technology.

Christian megachurches would be destroyed and members forced to gather in autonomous, small groupings centered in their communities. We would talk about revolt and resistance against an obviously oppressive Babylon. Since ministers and preachers are already subjected to as much persecution as possible, they wouldn't need to be careful about what they say for fear of political retaliation. Christianity would grow to be more deeply rooted in the community, more intimate, more powerful, and more localized than it has ever been. If it developed into a revolutionary movement and finally won governmental power, I wouldn't be shocked.

Constantine was an experienced operator. Underground faiths that are persecuted have great strength, particularly when martyrdom is revered as a sacred act. It is far preferable to legalize, tax, regulate, taint, and eventually mold ideology inside. The Christians grew increasingly powerful as the Romans persecuted them, until Constantine appropriated the entire situation.

Making Christianity or any other religion illegal is the greatest service a repressive government could provide for Christianity.

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