Make Money Which unusual approaches can you take to work smarter rather than harder?

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Aug 19, 2023
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1. Eat the frog and start with the things that are most important.

"Crush" time is from 9 to 10 a.m.

We finish our trickiest assignments during this time and avoid bothering each other with inquiries. First thing in the morning, you should probably finish the task that you are most afraid of.

2. Set up tonight for tomorrow.

Making a brief list of easy tasks to complete at night will enable you to get started quickly in the morning and create a productive momentum that will last the remainder of the day.

3. Enumerate your day's "crucial results."

Make a spreadsheet with your top three priorities listed for each day. This will assist you in organizing your days and ensuring that you're staying focused.

4. Modify your inner monologue.

Your motivation and energy levels can be greatly enhanced by making a small change in perspective. Say "These are the two things I need to focus on today" rather than "I have too much to do today!"

5. Use your free time to complete administrative tasks

Wait in line at the grocery store, bank, elevator, etc. Bring a book you've been meaning to read, check a few emails, or get a status update. Or just let your mind wander and observe the world around you.

6. Learn to say no

Learn to say “no” more often to focus your time on activities that will have the highest impact.

"No" tip: If someone comes to you with a request that requires you to say "no," just ask them to give you 15 minutes to complete what you are doing, and then when you come over to find out what they want, they Often figure it out on your own.

7. Start your day with structured “me time”:

Go through emails and social media updates that have accumulated overnight and sort through the backlog. Provide quick responses and suggestions so others can start working on the task. Plan bigger tasks. And remove any content that is informative or unimportant.

8. Use checklists for repetitive tasks to reduce errors:

Checklists can help you keep track, especially when you're overloaded or under time pressure.

9. Eliminate personal distractions:

Personal distractions can also affect your productivity. If you allow personal distractions to interfere with your work, you can easily lose focus and waste time doing nothing.

10. Stand more:

Are you feeling a little sleepy around 3pm? stand up!

Is your posture starting to weaken? stand up!

It's simple but effective.

~Bonus Tip: Find real, motivating reasons for completing tasks.

If your usual productivity has dropped, the reason may be a lack of motivation. Motivation is the fuel for productivity in the face of apathy, and generating it can be as simple as connecting the task at hand to a larger, more important goal.

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