Spirituality Why do I still dream after only a brief period of sleep?

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Aug 19, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
I also frequently do this. Since I'd read that dreams could only occur in deep, REM sleep, it perplexed me. I find that this usually occurs during naps, not at night, when I just nod off for a few minutes or seconds. (At night, I do dream, but only after I've been asleep through for a while.) I can still clearly recall one of these little dreams that I had during a brief nap: There was a dead rodent in the center of the sidewalk that I came upon while strolling along it.

Approaching from the other direction, a man paused to examine it and remarked, "If it weren't dead, that would be a perfectly good mouse." I doubt I could have come up with that in a dream.

I doubt I would have thought of that when I was fully awake, so it had to have been a dream. Years later, it still makes me laugh.

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