sports Why do Olympic athletes receive so many condoms?

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Nov 24, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
The Olympic Games are, quite literally, the most probable event to spark a major sex frenzy.

It will require thousands of individuals who:

are primarily in the 18–25 age range.
are physically at the pinnacle of human fitness and, as a result, are most likely extremely attractive.

Nobody should be body-slammed and look this nice.

who, having very seldom had a night out and most likely not having time for relationships, spend 99.9% of their lives in a bubble of early starts, early bedtimes, rigorous diets, and intense attention on their sport.
who, having trained for their event for four years in a row, are incredibly tense in the minutes before it happens, and who are eager to let go of all that stress after it's gone.
who, considering that the other person is probably going to return home to a whole different nation in a few weeks, are surrounded by foreigners who are the epitome of "no strings attached" lovers.

And you want to cage them all together for weeks at a time in a small space?

If the cocktail leads to a LOT of sex, don't be shocked.

It is highly advantageous for the Olympics to make sure that condoms are freely available, since it would not be well received if they had to deny widespread STI outbreaks or unintended births among their elite competitors.

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