Relationship Why is Christian Relationships not lasting in this generation?

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Aug 31, 2023
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Christian relationship refers to a relationship that is based on the principles and values of Christianity. It typically involves two individuals who share a common faith in Jesus Christ and seek to build and strengthen their relationship while adhering to Biblical teachings. A Christian relationship involves love, and mutual respect, where the couple strives to support and encourage each other towards spiritual growth, while also keeping Christ at the center of their lives. It involves treating each other with kindness, honesty, forgiveness, and patience, and striving to support each other through the challenges of life with unity and trust.

Now I wanna give a answer to this question.

Why aren't Christian Relationships lasting in this generation?
Let's talk.

Now, according to all the traits you gave about Christian relationship, I do not second the view that Christian Relationship breaks easily in our generation.

On a normal, there must be a point of misunderstanding and disagreement buh becos of the awareness of both partners of whom they are and what they represent, the issue would be resolved in no time.

Now, when we talk about Christian relationship, both partners must have examined and evaluated themselves well to ensure that they are pursuing a common goal under the LORDSHIP of christ.

So therefore, any relationship that tends to break or not to last long has more than meet the eyes. It's simply becos they haven't come to the full understanding of the foundation their relationship is built.

If U claim that Christian relationship in our generation tends not to last long, then let's take a close look at both couples and the foundation of that relationship.

It either one is a genuine Christian and the other pretended to be. Definitely, the other's pretence would expire and then problem sets in that may likely lead to break up.

Christian relationship requires partners who have examined and evaluated themselves well, have a firm understanding of the teachings of Christ, and are committed to living their lives in accordance with these teachings. They must have a common goal in mind and be willing to work towards it together under the lordship of Christ. By doing so, they can build a strong, healthy, and fulfilling relationship that is pleasing to God.

I witnessed a situation where , a lady told the guy she was to be married to that she was a virgin, and she reduced her age. What are all those lies for? Tell him who u are , if he is meant for u ,he will if not let him go. He wasn't Mr Right.

Changing relationship without changing your character will not change your life.
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Your insights about authenticity, understanding, and commitment to Christ are profound. A solid foundation built on honesty and shared values is crucial for any relationship to thrive.

I think that they have always been like that but now the data of how many break ups in these relationships is more out there for others to know

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