Sanitation Why is sanitation necessary in our society?

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Nov 24, 2023
Abuja Nigeria
Assuming that we don't

I need to get rid of a large pile of trash that I have because I have no more space for it. Additionally, it stinks.

I then stroll over to my neighbor's yard and discard the trash there.

When he looks through it the following morning, he discovers a box bearing my name.

He throws it back into my yard and threatens to smash all of my windows and murder my cat if I throw it in his yard once more. Additionally, he informs the other neighbors that I am an errant dumper.

Unfortunately, because there isn't enough room to store all the trash, it turns out that practically everyone is a renegade dumper. Everyone is growing upset at this waste predicament.

We're having a meeting. We all decide to purchase a piece of land in the distance that we would refer to as the "garbage dump." We also decide to pay Tommy Reckert to drive the trash to the dump in his pickup truck. He works as our trash man now. Each person will pay a yearly tax known as "property fees" to cover the costs.

All of a sudden, there is happiness once more among everyone, and the waste is no longer a concern.

Everything is well.

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