Bible Study Forum is writing to ask you to support BSF's vision

  • Please we urge all unregistered users to swiftly register to enable you enjoy loads of benefits rollingout in our community. Be open to opportunities to do good for someone else today. Anything that do not please God in your life has come to distroy you.
Bible Study Forum is writing to ask you to support BSF's vision to reach out to prisoners, help the needy, feed the poor in the street, pay hospital bills, and support those who are abused and hospitalized. We can't achieve all our passion and vision without your support. Just a small donation of $1 and above can help BSF accomplish a task, and reach a goal. Your donation will go toward [Supporting missionaries facing hardship and hunger, those crying out for hospital bills, those wallowing in prison without food to eat, let's feed them, those who are dying of hunger without hope of food the next day, the abused and hospitalized are in deep pain and helpless let's help them, support BSF vision to reach out souls].

5 Benefits of Giving​

1) Giving makes us feel happy.
2) Giving is good for health.
3) Giving helps social connections.
4) Giving evokes gratitude.
5) Giving is contagious.

What are the benefits of donating?​

Make a difference
It gives us a sense of belonging. Life can be difficult sometimes, but remembering we're all in this together can help us feel more connected to those around us.
Set an example for others.
Giving is in our nature.
It makes us feel good.
Enjoy an extra bit of tax relief.


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